What Inning Are We In? (First of a Series)

That’s the perennial question that leading direct lenders addressed last week on a panel moderated by your correspondent at the 25th Annual Atlantic Conferences Middle Market Symposium. As the event was technically closed to the press, we can’t report on what was discussed. Instead, let’s cover the broad themes confronting market observers as they focus on where we are in the business cycle.

The “inning” metaphor is well-worn. We came across a media report forecasting the US is in the “final innings of economic growth.” That came out over two years ago (http://www.businessinsider.com/us-is-final-innings-of-economic-growth-2016-3).

We know the exuberance of the current leveraged loan market dates back to at least 2014. That’s when debt/ebitda levels started feeling toppy again. “This should last for a couple more innings,” investors told themselves, and modeled in a downturn for 2016 or 2017...


Quote of the Week

“There’s this cloud of geopolitical uncertainty that’s overshadowing the fact that we have a fairly sturdy backdrop in the US.” – Emily Roland, head of capital markets research, John Hancock Investments.

Chart of the Week: Back to 2007?

There’s a way to go before rates reach the levels attained just before the credit crisis.

Lead Left Spotlight

Rod Rivera & David Baker

Managing Directors

Capstone Headwaters

"Value-based care is definitely the theme of the day."

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Andrew Welch

Managing Director

Revelstoke Capital Partners

"We believe scale matters, particularly in healthcare."

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Bram Smith & Lee Shaiman

Outgoing and Incoming Executive Director


"Despite the financial crisis and a sharp pricing drop, loans and CLOs actually performed as promised."

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Upcoming Interview: Mark Habner

Co-Founder & CEO

BeckWay Group

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Upcoming Interview: Peter Magas

Managing Director

Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company

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