Spotlight on Healthcare – A Special Industry Report (First of a Series)

The private equity firm Platinum Equity announced last week they had offered to buy Johnson & Johnson’s blood glucose monitoring product for about $2.1 billion. The LifeScan Inc unit was one of several J&J businesses focused on diabetes devices. The medical products giant had apparently experienced declining revenues and squeezed margins in that arena and had been considering their strategic options.

As middle market lenders, we are always on the alert for sectors in which our borrowers could come under siege from large strategic corporates. That’s one of our featured risks. It feels less common to have a major competitor exiting an area in which they’ve shown historic dominance. But clearly the world of healthcare is changing...


Quote of the Week

“I look at the world at the moment as being bond-unfriendly.” – James Athey, senior investment manager, Aberdeen Standard Investments.

Chart of the Week: On the Mend

Mergers and acquisition financings in the healthcare space for middle market issuers have grown steadily since the credit crisis.

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Brad Raymond

Head of Investment Banking

Stifel Financial

"Private equity is an important driver of activity and has become a meaningful alternative to going public."

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Dee Dee Sklar

Vice Chair of Subscription Finance, Asset-Backed Finance

Wells Fargo Securities

"There is no one size fits all Subscription Finance structure, as needs vary depending on investment strategies."

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Upcoming Interview: Rob Morris

Founder and Managing Partner

Olympus Partners

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Upcoming Interview: Andrew Welch

Managing Director

Revelstoke Capital Partners

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Upcoming Interview: Bram Smith & Lee Shaiman

Outgoing and Incoming Executive Director


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