You Can Take it With You

Years ago the humorist Robert Benchley was traveling in Italy on summer vacation. Upon arriving in Venice, he cabled his agent: “Streets flooded. Please advise.”

In a similar vein, leveraged loan investors should not be surprised at effects of ample liquidity flowing through credit markets today.

As we head into the second quarter’s final weeks, it’s clear sponsors and lenders aren’t slowing down in their drive to deploy dollars. It’s evident competitive juices haven’t dried up either. Whatever structure, term, price, spread, or covenant that needs to be stretched to win a deal, will get stretched.

In some cases, features typically reserved for the best and biggest issuers are coming down market to smaller mid-cap companies...


Quote of the Week

“The world confused a lucky confluence of growth factors with a self-feeding synchronized pickup.” – Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor, Allianz.

Chart of the Week: Converge This

For the first time since 2008 the universe of leveraged loans has exceeded that of high-yield bonds.

Lead Left Spotlight

Peter Magas

Managing Director

Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Company

"Demographics suggest continued demand for healthcare services and the provider base cannot keep pace."

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Mark Habner

Co-Founder & CEO

BeckWay Group

"Individuals within a company truly make the difference in performance and excellence, not the company itself."

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Rod Rivera & David Baker

Managing Directors

Capstone Headwaters

"Value-based care is definitely the theme of the day."

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Andrew Welch

Managing Director

Revelstoke Capital Partners

"We believe scale matters, particularly in healthcare."

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Bram Smith & Lee Shaiman

Outgoing and Incoming Executive Director


"Despite the financial crisis and a sharp pricing drop, loans and CLOs actually performed as promised."

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