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We mentioned last week Apollo’s $1.8 billion financing for New Media Investment Group’s acquisition of Gannett & Co. It seemed like one of the largest non-bank buy-out deals ever. A banker friend of The Lead Left agreed:

“You remember Ares’ Qlik deal in 2016.” she said. “That was a shock to the market when it happened. While there have been a number of larger buyouts led by the non-banks, the $1 billion-plus transactions have been fewer than some expected.”

Can you point to others? “Earlier this year there was a UK deal for the Daisy Group, also led by Ares,” she told us...

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Quote of the Week

“Investors’ new daily ritual will be watching the daily fixed rate on the yuan.” – Keith Lerner, chief market strategist, SunTrust Advisory Services.

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Chart of the Week: Larger Than Life

August 14, 2019

The number of leveraged loans for buyouts over $1 billion has grown steadily since the Great Recession.

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Chart of the Week: Channel Crossing

August 7, 2019

The illiquid non-correlated nature of smaller loans are attractive features amidst today’s market volatility.

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Chart of the Week: Stretching for Value

July 31, 2019

Over half of sponsored transactions are displaying greater than 10x purchase price multiples.

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Chart of the Week: Shopping List

July 22, 2019

To select a private debt manager, investors must perform due diligence on a variety of factors.

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Chart of the Week: Life Expectancy

July 16, 2019

Thanks to consistent repayments since the credit crisis, direct loans have an effective life of less than three years.

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Chart of the Week: Premium Outlets

July 9, 2019

Cliffwater’s analysis of risk premiums across asset classes shows a broad range of returns above Treasurys.

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Leveraged Loan Insight & Analysis – 8/12/2019

Top US CLO retail holdings Top retail loan holdings in active US CLOs at the end of July include Albertson’s TLB, Bass Pro Shops TL and EG Group TL, with US$2.1bn, US$1.9bn and US$1.7bn of total issuer loan volume respectively. While loan debt of several defaulted retail issuers is still held in active CLOs, their

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The Pulse of Private Equity – 8/12/2019

Tea leaves for multiples News this week about the yield inversion will probably have an effect on investor psyche. Inversions have historically predated recessions by as many as 24 months—that particular lag (2005-07) also included a significant rise in the S&P. In four of the last five years, the lag between inversion and the start

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Private Debt Intelligence – 8/12/2019

Private Debt Industry Puts Capital to Work The private debt industry has seen the growth in its AUM accelerate in recent years, and by December 2018 (our latest data available) funds held a total of $768bn in assets under management (AUM). The market is now more than three times bigger than it was ten years

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PDI Picks – 8/12/2019

A PE fundraising lag is no cause for alarm Private equity had abnormally strong 2017 fundraising numbers, potentially depressing fundraising in the first half of the year. If capital raising for private equity is indicative of potential transactions for private credit managers, they could have hoped for a better number in the first half of

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Leveraged Loan Insight & Analysis – 8/5/2019

Aided by an increase in junior debt, total leverage on large corporate US LBO loans increases to 7x this quarter LBO activity in the US syndicated loan market remains robust this quarter. 3Q19 completed and in process LBO volume totals over US$23bn as new money deals continue to be a driver of leveraged lending. Meanwhile,

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