As it turns out, there’s no better lens through which to examine the effects of the current economic environment than US middle market M&A activity. As we heard last week from five top investment bankers, a wide range of indicators – including volume, valuations, financing and sector rotation – flashed across the market in the wake of interest rate hikes, public asset volatility, and economic headwinds.

Before digging into panel’s expectations for this year, let’s reprise 2022 highlights. Global M&A volume was down 35% and 11% by deal count, and in the US 41% and 17%, respectively. Sponsored deal flow was off 33% for both volume and numbers, but ahead of 2020 numbers.

The unraveling of deal momentum began as early as last February. Though market “choppiness” didn’t take hold until the second quarter when “the bottom fell out of the middle market.”...

“This is a really complicated environment to dissect right now.” – John Porter, chief investment officer, Newton Investment Management.

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Chart of the Week: Ceiling Whacks

January 24, 2023

Past government disputes on debt ceiling limits have sent market volatility soaring.

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Chart of the Week: Rate Expectations

January 17, 2023

Despite the Fed’s hawkish jawboning, market rate expectations show little increase.

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Chart of the Week: Inflation Allocation

January 10, 2023

As prices edge down from mid-2022 highs, shelter and services remain under pressure.

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Chart of the Week: Private Practice

December 20, 2022

Since March the Fed has increased its rate target by 4.25%, the fastest climb ever.

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Chart of the Week: Righty Tighty

December 14, 2022

Since March the Fed has increased its rate target by 4.25%, the fastest climb ever.

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Chart of the Week: Déjà View

December 8, 2022

Leveraged loan all-in yields are seeing levels not present since the GFC.

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