Inflection points are often apparent only in hindsight. While it’s premature to call a top to the current rate and inflation cycle, signs are evident that change is underway.

Last week’s Fed rate hike of 25 bps, a deceleration from its previous three monthly moves, is a case in point. At 4.50-4.75% we are within a hike or two away from the 5%-ish terminal rate at which the market expects the Fed to level off for a wait-and-see.

The questions are how long will they wait, and what will they see? Last Friday’s job report may have given them pause. Is the economy still in need of a smack down, or will the labor market settle down as other inflation indicators seem to have done?...

“Your heart says ‘I think this is going to be OK’ but your head says ‘I know these guys are playing for keeps’.” – Jonathan Hausman, senior managing director, global investment strategy, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.

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Chart of the Week: Healing Time

February 7, 2023

Secondary BSL bids are edging up in concert with optimism in public equities.

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Chart of the Week: Hire Plateaus

February 1, 2023

Small and mid-sized businesses generate most of US job creation.

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Chart of the Week: Ceiling Whacks

January 24, 2023

Past government disputes on debt ceiling limits have sent market volatility soaring.

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Chart of the Week: Rate Expectations

January 17, 2023

Despite the Fed’s hawkish jawboning, market rate expectations show little increase.

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Chart of the Week: Inflation Allocation

January 10, 2023

As prices edge down from mid-2022 highs, shelter and services remain under pressure.

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Chart of the Week: Private Practice

December 20, 2022

Since March the Fed has increased its rate target by 4.25%, the fastest climb ever.

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