Search and Recovery (Third of a series)

Continuing with our special series on leveraged loan recoveries, let’s turn to one of the most pondered questions on the subject; namely, how will covenant-lite loans fare in the next downturn?

At a recent loan market conference, senior S&P analyst Ruth Yang reviewed the lite environment. She reminded attendees that most leveraged loans, including broadly syndicated, used to have maintenance covenants. But since 2006 that’s all changed:

Today the vast majority of liquid loans are cov-lite. Defaults overall have been relatively scarce during this nine-year economic recovery. Cov-lite defaults even scarcer (see Chart of the Week).


Quote of the Week

“This [election] result means the Fed will continue to be the top choice of what moves markets.”– Andrew Brenner, head of international fixed income, National Alliance Securities.

Featuring Charts

Chart of the Week: Recovery-Lite

November 13, 2018

While data for cov-lite bankruptcies are limited, post-crisis recoveries were below pre-crisis levels.

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Chart of the Week: Tranche Dressing

November 7, 2018

Data suggests that loan recoveries are both facility and structure dependant.

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Chart of the Week: Loss and Found

October 31, 2018

Higher leverage and weaker structures for leveraged loans is expected to result in worse than historic recoveries.

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Chart of the Week: Up, Up and Away

October 23, 2018

The share of highly leveraged midcap deals sold to institutional investors is at levels well beyond those seen during the frothy 2006-07 period.

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Chart of the Week: Yield of Dreams

October 17, 2018

Debt to ebitda has risen steadily for institutional middle market term loans, but yields are up as well.

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Chart of the Week: Buyout Bites

October 11, 2018

Over the past three years, the average middle market LBO has generally remained range-bound, between $150-200 million.

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