Private Debt Intelligence - 12/9/2019

Europe-Focused Private Debt Fundraising Hits Record High Private debt fundraising has been slowing down globally since 2017 – so far this year the asset class has raised $92.7bn, the lowest fundraising figure seen since 2014. Normally, a big proportion of private debt trends are attributed to the most developed markets of North America and Europe,

Private Debt Intelligence - 12/2/2019

Top 100 Private Debt Fund Managers The private debt industry has been unceasingly growing over the last ten years, holding more than $786bn in assets as of March 2019, almost three times bigger as in December 2009 when there were $267.3bn in AUM. The 100 largest private debt fund managers have had a major role

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/25/2019

UK-Based Private Debt The UK-based private debt fundraising market saw a record 2017, with 29 funds closed raising an aggregate of almost $29bn in capital. The previous record year seen was 2015 with 22 funds securing $19bn, and so far this year there have been 22 funds closed and $27bn of capital secured....

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/18/2019

Direct Lending Fundraising Recovers Private debt fundraising kept decreasing in 2019, driven by a fall in mezzanine and distressed debt fundraising. However, direct lending continues to represent the largest bulk of fundraising activity, and 2019 has seen a big recover for this strategy. Direct lending fell in 2018 closing 84 funds securing $52bn, after seeing

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/11/2019

Women in Private Debt The number of women that are working in alternatives has increased compared with two years ago. At present, women represent 19.7% of employees in the alternatives industry, where as in 2017, there proportion was 18.8%. However, the rise was unequally shared across the asset classes....

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/4/2019

Infrastructure Debt Reaches Momentum Debt providers in more specific sectors have started to take the place of traditional lenders, as for example in the infrastructure industry. Banks are no longer the main source, and investors are moving towards funds to gain access to the capital structure. Infrastructure debt fundraising has had peaks and troughs over

Private Debt Intelligence - 10/28/2019

Private Debt First-Time Funds in 2019 2019 has been a slow fundraising year for private debt – so far this year just 118 funds have been closed, raising an aggregate capital of $81bn. Fund managers are finding difficult to attract investors and the private debt market remains crowded – there are currently 427 funds seeking

Private Debt Intelligence - 10/21/2019

Private Debt Performance Slows as AUM Grows Returns for the private debt asset class as a whole have slowed over the past year, with distressed debt and direct lending funds contributing most to this slump. Over the one-, three- and five-year horizons, mezzanine funds have performed the strongest of the debt strategies, posting an annualized

Private Debt Intelligence - 10/14/2019

Private Debt Funds in Market Q3 2019 The fundraising market for private debt remains crowded at the start of Q4, with 417 private debt funds seeking an aggregate $177bn in capital. Although slightly down from the start of Q3, both figures remain very high compared with historical total. But these figures could lead to a

Private Debt Intelligence - 10/7/2019

Private Debt Continued with a Slow Fundraising in Q3 Q3 showed no signs of recovery of, what has so far been, a slow fundraising year for private debt, closing just 24 funds for $22bn in capital, both quarterly lows for the year and the lowest amount of capital raised in any quarter since Q3 2016.