Private Debt Intelligence - 10/14/2019

Private Debt Funds in Market Q3 2019 The fundraising market for private debt remains crowded at the start of Q4, with 417 private debt funds seeking an aggregate $177bn in capital. Although slightly down from the start of Q3, both figures remain very high compared with historical total. But these figures could lead to a

Private Debt Intelligence - 10/7/2019

Private Debt Continued with a Slow Fundraising in Q3 Q3 showed no signs of recovery of, what has so far been, a slow fundraising year for private debt, closing just 24 funds for $22bn in capital, both quarterly lows for the year and the lowest amount of capital raised in any quarter since Q3 2016.

Private Debt Intelligence - 9/30/2019

Private Debt Investors’ Attitude Towards ESG The discussion around environmental, social and governance (ESG) within alternative assets has never been so lively as it is now. Investors are conscious of the importance of ESG investing and they are carefully looking for funds to ensure they meet the requirements in this area. At the same time,

Private Debt Intelligence - 9/23/2019

Private Debt Investors’ Preferences Based on the Preqin’s Investor Update report, private debt investors would have changed their preferences on how and where the best opportunities are presented in the asset class in the next 12 months. Direct lending remains the most sought-after strategy among private debt investors, with almost half (49%) believing the strategy

Private Debt Intelligence - 9/16/2019

Private Debt Investors Challenges in the Next 12 Months Preqin’s latest survey finds that private debt investors remain committed to the asset class, and their overall perception of the industry is positive. Performance has satisfied most investors across the asset class – 88% of them said their investment portfolios had met or exceeded their expectations

Private Debt Intelligence - 9/9/2019

Private Debt Cash Flows Investors commonly cite that they look to private debt to offer three advantages: portfolio diversification, a reliable income stream and high risk-adjusted returns. This strikes a balance between the perceived regularity and predictability of real assets, and the alpha generation of private equity investments....

Private Debt Intelligence - 9/2/2019

Enthusiasm for alternatives remain among investors Based on the results of the last survey of 177 institutional investors conducted in July 2019 by Preqin, we find out that investors remain upbeat about the future performance of alternatives but are aware this may not continue. Seventy-four percent of investors think that equity markets are at a

Private Debt Intelligence - 8/12/2019

Private Debt Industry Puts Capital to Work The private debt industry has seen the growth in its AUM accelerate in recent years, and by December 2018 (our latest data available) funds held a total of $768bn in assets under management (AUM). The market is now more than three times bigger than it was ten years

Private Debt Intelligence - 8/5/2019

Investors in Private Debt More Cautious in Q2 2019 Analysing the fund searches that private debt investors make, we can gain some idea of what demand for various fund types and regions will look like in the coming months. Comparing what investors were looking for in Q2 2019 to a year ago, the scenario has

Private Debt Intelligence - 7/29/2019

Private Debt Dry Powder Falls in Q2 The available capital held by private debt fund managers fell in Q2, reflecting the slower pace of fundraising. Having grown from $278bn at the end of 2018 to $286bn at the end of Q1, dry powder fell to $269bn in the three months to the end of June.