Private Debt Intelligence - 6/17/2019

North America-Focused Private Debt The private debt market has grown rapidly in recent years, and North America and Europe account for the majority of that expansion. Based on the latest Preqin Investor Outlook report, 68% of investors believe the US presents the most favourable opportunities in private debt in 2019....

Private Debt Intelligence - 6/10/2019

Subscription Credit: Angel or Demon? Private capital funds are using subscription credit facilities – bridge loans made to fund deals in lieu of making capital calls – more than ever. Usage has jumped from 13% in pre-2010 vintages to over 50% of 2015 and 2016 vintage vehicles. But the industry remains divided as to whether

Private Debt Intelligence - 6/3/2019

Private Capital Subscription Credit Usage on the Rise Very few developments in alternative assets have attracted such a mixed response as subscription credit facilities (also known as equity bridge facilities, subscription line facilities or capital call facilities). Although they are nothing new, there is a wide range of views between fund managers and investors –

Private Debt Intelligence - 5/27/2019

UK Dominates European Private Debt Europe is the second most active region for private debt after North America, but the scale and nature of activity varies widely throughout the region. While the potential investment opportunities and industries are more diverse, the fund management industry is very homogenous, and is dominated by firms based in the

Private Debt Intelligence - 5/20/2019

Distressed Debt Funds Stall in 2019 Distressed debt has long been a major component of the private debt industry. Around the time of the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008, the strategy raised a record $45bn in capital – a level that has never been equalled – and performance of funds raised around this time

Private Debt Intelligence - 5/13/2019

Private Real Estate Debt Attracts Investors The private real estate debt market has grown significantly in recent years as fund managers have sought to capitalize on the opportunity provided by banking regulation, and investors have targeted exposure to the stable income and portfolio diversification that debt investments can provide....

Private Debt Intelligence - 5/6/2019

Private Debt in Asia Struggles to Gain Ground The Asian private debt market is still relatively small. While the industry has grown rapidly in the more developed markets of North America and Europe, expansion has been slower in Asia, and the region has yet to reach a ‘critical mass’, so activity remains cyclical....

Private Debt Intelligence - 4/29/2019

Private Debt Keeps Performing Well Over the one-, three- and five-year periods to June 2018, mezzanine funds have outperformed all other private debt strategies, generating an annualized return of 11.5% over five years. In contrast, direct lending funds have produced the lowest returns over these timeframes, generating just 4.7% over five years, while distressed debt

Private Debt Intelligence - 4/22/2019

Private Debt Investors Remain Cautious During Q1 2019, private debt investors issued 249 fund searches and mandates for investments they are targeting in the coming 12 months. Perhaps due to their concern about the prospect of an equity market downturn, it seems that institutions are taking a generally cautious attitude to the asset class....

Private Debt Intelligence - 4/15/2019

Private Debt Funds in Market The private debt fundraising marketplace is becoming increasingly crowded: as of the start of April 2019, there are 407 vehicles seeking a total of $182bn from investors. These figures have continued to increase from the 395 funds seeking $168bn at the start of the year to reach a new record