Private Debt Intelligence - 1/15/2018

Private Debt Dry Powder As at December 2017, private debt sits on a record amount of $235bn in dry powder, exceeding the previous record of $218 set in December 2015. The $235bn is also an increase of $17bn from December 2016, as well as being over twice the amount of dry powder seen seven years

Private Debt Intelligence - 1/8/2018

Private Debt Fundraising in 2017 by Geographic Focus North America saw the highest levels of private debt activity in 2017, with 75 funds focused on the region raising a total of $67bn. This amounted to over half (55%) of private debt funds closed, and the region made up 63% of capital raised. Although this is

Private Debt Intelligence - 1/1/2018

Private Debt Fundraising in 2017 by Fund Type 2017 was a record year for private debt fundraising, as 126 vehicles secured a total of $98bn in capital. In comparison, 2016 saw 164 vehicles reach a final close, raising $99bn in capital. Preqin expects the 2017 figures to rise up to 10% as more information becomes

Private Debt Intelligence - 12/11/2017

India-Based Private Debt Market Although the private debt industry is still an emerging asset class in India, it represents 13% of the market across the Asia-Pacific. Additionally, since 2014, India-based private debt assets under management has grown steadily from $2.6bn in December 2014 to $3.3bn in December 2016. Additionally, as at December 2016, dry powder

Private Debt Intelligence - 12/4/2017

Private Debt Funds in Market As at November 2017, there is a record 324 private debt funds in market, seeking a combined $153bn in capital commitments. This represents a 12% increase in the number of funds raising capital and a 21% rise in targeted capital compared to the beginning of 2017....

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/27/2017

Private Debt Management Fees Both mean and median management fees for private debt funds have been moving down since the highs for vintage 2013 funds, with the average management fees falling to a 10-year low among 2017 vintage funds. The mean investment fee for 2017 vehicles has dropped to 1.52%, while the median fee has

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/20/2017

Private Debt Deals Completed in Q3 2017 The private debt industry saw 217 deals recorded in Q3 2017, worth $16.9bn This brings Q1-Q3 2017 total private debt deal activity to 580 deals completed, worth an aggregate $83.2bn. In contrast to Q3, Q2 saw 215 private debt deals, which had an aggregate worth of $45.3n. While

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/13/2017

Direct Lending Sees Record Fundraising Private debt fund managers have experienced increased fundraising success, and the direct lending industry has especially benefitted from high levels of fundraising activity in recent years. Direct lending has already seen record fundraising levels in 2017, and aggregate capital raised in the year has already surpassed the capital raised in

Private Debt Intelligence - 11/6/2017

US-Focused Mezzanine Funds After a record year for US-focused mezzanine fundraising in 2016, 2017 has seen a significant slowdown. In fact, 2016 saw 31 funds secure $28bn in capital, surpassing the previous record levels seen in 2008 when 23 funds closed on $24bn. Following the Global Financial Crisis, 2009 saw a record low in fundraising

Private Debt Intelligence - 10/30/2017

Asia-Focused Distressed Debt Fundraising Over the past ten years, 26 Asia-focused distressed debt funds have closed, securing $7.8bn. Of those funds, just 13 had a focus on India or China, which raised $4.4bn. Seven of those vehicles were India-focused, while five were China-focused. However, 2015 and 2016 saw a jump in India- and China-focused fundraising,