Direct Lending Deals

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 7/26/2021

Sponsors demanding larger DDTLs to act quickly in today’s buying bonanza Sponsors are demanding larger delayed-draw facilities so they can act quickly in today’s buying bonanza. Auctions have gone from a three-month process to about half that time or shorter in some cases. It’s much easier to hit a DDTL than go back to the

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 4/26/2021

At $2.3B, Calypso’s record unitranche demonstrates larger capacity for jumbos The $2.3 billion unitranche loan supporting Thoma Bravo’s acquisition of Calypso Technology has set a new record for size, but what’s even more notable is that the credit was assembled as new issue, not incrementally, like other recent unitranches that crossed the $2 billion threshold

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 3/22/2021

Twenty is the new 50; Cov-lite invasion continues into direct lending It’s no exaggeration that covenant-lite is invading direct lending. Market participants across the board say today’s cutoff is $20 million EBITDA, compared to $35-40 million pre-Covid, and $50 million prior to the Great Credit Crisis of ‘08. Last week DLD covered a covenant-lite buyout

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 2/8/2021

January volume soars on LBOs; Unitranche to feel broader pricing pressures January’s direct lending tally set a new high, up from the previous record in December. Momentum from the fourth quarter’s catch up rally continued to spill into the New Year, however deal flow has since decelerated to normal this month....

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 1/4/2021

Volume surged in December, strong M&A tone carries into first week of 2021 Direct lenders established a new high watermark for volume in December, setting the tone for an aggressive first quarter in 2021. Last month’s volume soared past every previous monthly tally since DLD launched in September 2019....

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 12/7/2020

U.S Direct Lending: Purpose November 2020 Direct lending in November for buyouts surged to 47%, leveling the lopsided pull of add-on acquisitions that had dominated the pipeline since the pandemic hit, according to DLD. In fact, November generated the best share for LBO financing since February’s 61%. Add-on activity slipped slightly to 48% last month,

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 10/19/2020

Sun Life’s $338M acquisition of Crescent Capital underscores confidence in direct lending Sun Life Financial’s $338 million acquisition of Los Angeles-based Crescent Capital underscores investor confidence in direct lending, even as the Covid pandemic has upended global economies. Sun Life, a Toronto-based insurance company that has a small direct lending team within its $193 billion

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 10/5/2020

Third quarter finishes on high note; Lower middle market LBOs rally in Sept The second quarter’s heavy caution all but disappeared by last month in a swift reversal of deal flow. Uncertainty is onmnipresent, but investors have capital to deploy, financing has stabilized and after idling for six months, it’s risk on toward year end....