Direct Lending Deals

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 3/2/2020

February new issues soften; March is a guessing game February’s tally of direct lending loans softened to 57, from 73 in January, according to Direct Lending Deals. The decreased flow was mainly due to slower-than-expected M&A — all deals were baked before coronavirus fears torpedoed markets last week. Add-on M&A activity declined to 28% from

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 2/17/2020

DL Deals: ACProducts Deep Dive KKR Capital Markets used hard call premiums starting at 103 on ACProducts, a B/B2 credit that had more of a hybrid distribution strategy this month, to protect the attractive L+650 spread from being taken out quickly via repricing. The move is reminiscent of Qlik Technologies in 2016, however today’s repricing

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 2/10/2020

Lower Middle Market bustled in January Direct lending deal flow was by far the busiest that Direct Lending Deals has tracked since launching last September. The tally — driven mainly by lower middle market issuers— outpaced December by 43%, and by 28% over October, the second busiest month....

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 1/13/2020

DL Deals Monthly Scorecard: December buyouts swamped volume, lenders closed out 51 transactions Buyouts swamped direct lending activity in December, accounting for 61% of volume, a big leap from the two previous months that saw more action in M&A Add-On business, according to DL Deals. For the quarter, the increase in buyouts pushed LBOs above

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 12/9/2019

Direct Lending: Add-ons maintain share over buyouts in November Add-on acquisitions continued to drive financings over buyouts in November, accounting for half the tally, compared to 42% for LBOs, according to Direct Lending Deals. Other proceeds, which include growth financing, accounted for 8% of volume, according to DLD. ...