The Pulse of Private Equity - 5/22/2017

Finishing strong View PitchBook’s 2017 Global PE & VC Fund Benchmarking Report: Part II Here In the prior installment of the Pulse of Private Equity, we discussed how the cyclicality of the PE industry was coming to bear, as the momentum and speed with which more recent fund vintages could return money to their investors

The Pulse of Private Equity - 5/15/2017

Cyclicality of PE industry coming to bear? View PitchBook’s 2017 Global PE & VC Fund Benchmarking Report: Part II Here From the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tide to the mysterious circadian patterns within each human, the world is governed by cycles. When it comes to private equity investment and fundraising, multiple separate cycles

The Pulse of Private Equity - 5/8/2017

Middle-market vehicles hit new high in proportion of all US PE fundraising View PitchBook’s 1Q 2017 US PE Middle Market Report Here Last week the steady recovery in the number and aggregate value of US private equity first-time middle-market funds was analyzed, yielding the conclusion that in light of the slower pace in the raising

The Pulse of Private Equity - 5/1/2017

Healthy fundraising geared toward US middle market continues to set stage for competition View PitchBook’s 1Q 2017 US PE Middle Market Report Here Pegged for some time now as a potentially more fruitful arena for private equity firms looking for respite from high valuations, the US middle market hasn’t seen as much dedicated, new fundraising

The Pulse of Private Equity - 4/24/2017

PE moves further into IT, software View PitchBook’s 1Q 2017 US PE Breakdown Report Here Thoma Bravo, Vista Equity Partners and Silver Lake used to be the paramount examples of the few notable PE firms making primarily tech and/or software plays. However, overall investment within the IT industry has grown significantly over the past several

The Pulse of Private Equity - 4/17/2017

Some LPs still keen on co-investment

In 2016, limited partners participated in no fewer than 76 US private equity transactions, the cumulative value of which hit no less than $33.8 billion, more than any other year in the past decade excepting 2007. Moreover, 2017 is off to a strong start in terms of value at least, with $9.8 billion tallied thus far across a slower-paced 13 deals. The steady upward trend since 2010 is unmistakable if volatile...

The Pulse of Private Equity - 4/10/2017

Is the PE industry on pace for lower net cash flows?

Since 2012, net cash flows of private equity funds worldwide have been positive, with the last three full years handily exceeding $130 billion apiece. With fund returns through the middle of 2016, however, net cash flows currently stand at $27.0 billion, putting the back half of 2016 under considerable stress to even leave the year at more than $100 billion. This diminishing metric is attributable to a variety of factors, including the slow winding down of the buyout cycle in addition to a sluggish exit market...

The Pulse of Private Equity - 4/3/2017

Plenty of value yet to be realized in older PE vintages

In the world of private equity, the long-persisting effects of the financial crisis are still evident, particularly when regarding fund returns from certain, most affected vintages. Funds from vintages between 2007 and 2009 inclusive still possess plenty of value yet to be realized, having taken relatively longer to build up total value to paid-in capital multiples given the effects of the crisis. In fact, the sizable disparity between what has been able to be realized thus far between funds of the 2009 vintage...

The Pulse of Private Equity - 3/27/2017

On a long enough horizon, returns for PE funds of all sizes converge

By and large, the macroeconomic environment remains the most significant factor to bear in mind when assessing long-term private equity fund performance. Given the impact of the financial crisis, it makes sense that no matter the size of the fund in question, at the longest time horizon—10 years—internal rates of return (IRRs) have by and large converged. Following the typical J-curve of fund performance, at that point in the conventional fund lifecycle most assets that end up contributing to the majority of a fund’s return have already been sold...

The Pulse of Private Equity - 3/20/2017

Recent PE vintages outpace public indices by a smaller margin

Private equity funds of vintages 2005 and prior exhibit significant outperformance of public indices, employing the Russell 3000 Index for public market equivalents calculations. Since then, however, no vintage has exceeded 8% over public indices’ performance. There are many factors behind this particular trend, not the least of which is the impact of the financial crisis, which prolonged holding periods as managers worked to proof impacted companies...