The Pulse of Private Equity – 10/11/2021

Q3 was another blockbuster Download PitchBook’s Report here. No rest for the weary: PitchBook’s latest US PE Breakdown is out, and the third quarter set another new record. An estimated $297 billion was invested in Q3 across an estimated 2,227 deals. Both would be new records, as data continues to be tabulated. The value mark, $297

The Pulse of Private Equity – 10/4/2021

PE’s growth compared to the public market Download PitchBook’s Report here. As an asset class, private equity’s growth has exploded over the past two decades. According to PitchBook’s latest Quantitative Perspectives Report, there are now twice as many PE-backed companies as there are public companies in the United States. Those numbers, aided by figures from the

The Pulse of Private Equity – 9/27/2021

SPAC IPOs are down, SPAC acquisitions are up Download PitchBook’s Report here. SPAC IPO volume is down considerably in mid-2021. A decline was probably inevitable, considering how massive Q1 volume turned out to be. Between Q1 and Q2, a new PitchBook analyst note shows a 67% decline in SPAC IPO count and 81% fall in aggregate

The Pulse of Private Equity – 9/20/2021

First-time fundraising bouncing back Download PitchBook’s Report here. Middle market fundraising posted a strong showing in H1, according to PitchBook’s latest US Middle Market Report. $68.4 billion was raised through June, which puts 2021 on pace to approach the 2019 record. Even if it doesn’t, the middle market is set to bounce back from a decline

The Pulse of Private Equity – 9/13/2021

Another frenetic quarter for the middle market Download PitchBook’s Report here. PitchBook’s latest US Middle Market Report was released today. The frenetic pace of dealmaking continued into the second quarter, reaching an estimated $142.8 billion. That would mark the second highest quarterly total on record, behind Q4 2020’s $156.8 billion. Sandwiched between those two was a

The Pulse of Private Equity – 9/6/2021

Emerging manager performance Download PitchBook’s Report here. A new PitchBook analyst note, Beyond Fund I, dives into several emerging manager topics. A few surprises stood out. The chart above, for example, shows fairly static performance between a manager’s first fund and subsequent ones. Debut funds do, though, see the most performance variation compared to later funds,

The Pulse of Private Equity – 8/16/2021

Bigger funds across private capital Download PitchBook’s Report here. Private capital as a whole is enjoying an enthusiastic fundraising trail. PitchBook’s latest Private Fund Strategies Report, available here, covers a range of asset classes, including PE, VC, real estate, real assets, FoF and secondaries. The data shows a pronounced uptick in fund step-ups—or the difference between

The Pulse of Private Equity – 8/9/2021

A recovery in private debt performance Download PitchBook’s Report here. As an asset class, private debt experienced its worst performance in a decade in Q1 2020. According to PitchBook’s latest Global Private Debt Report, private debt funds fell by 7% that quarter on a pooled IRR basis, which includes both realized and unrealized changes to portfolio

The Pulse of Private Equity – 8/2/2021

Private debt fundraising keeps pace Download PitchBook’s Report here. Globally, private debt fundraising had a strong start to the year. According to PitchBook’s just-released Global Private Debt Report, 81 new funds have closed so far this year, worth a combined $72.5 billion. Direct lending continues to be the standout strategy, contributing $33.5 billion to the total.

The Pulse of Private Equity – 7/19/2021

Fundraising at a record pace Download PitchBook’s Report here. One of PitchBook’s 2021 predictions was a record year for fundraising. The table was set for a rebound, and we saw how sentiment and momentum were shifting toward the back-half of the year. Our H1 Follow-Up Outlook shows that prediction is on pace to becoming true. We