The Pulse of Private Equity – 3/18/2019

Returns healthy, still under pressure Download PitchBook’s Report here. TVPI multiples—more simply known as investment multiples—remain healthy. Gains from post-vintage buckets (2010-2016) were all boosted by at least 0.08x over the past twelve months, with 2015 vintages leading the way with an overall boost of 0.16x....

PDI Picks – 3/18/2019

Alt asset fundraising falls in 2018 thanks to PE and private debt Real estate also fell, continuing a multiyear trend, after hitting a record high four years ago. Fundraising for core alternative asset classes – private equity, private debt, real estate and infrastructure – fell off a cliff from 2017 to 2018, largely driven by

Leveraged Loans and Systemic Risk (Last of a Series)

If nothing else, the history of leveraged lending since the credit crisis shows both regulators and regulated entities have worked to shift loans off bank balance sheets. The object of Leveraged Lending Guidance, in turn, was not to eliminate credit risk, but limit the most aggressive bank lending practices – for example, leverage over six times