Fundraising for European Private Debt

This week’s Chart of the Week highlights how US and European private debt fundraising came into Covid with a head of steam, slowed, and has now picked up. Our content partner, , recently published excellent commentary related to investors’ views of the “European opportunity.” One CIO said it started looking more attractive when US yields […]

Debtwire Middle-Market – 7/26/2021

Average WE unitranche size rockets Source: Debtwire Par The total WE unitranche volume for the year is expected to come in higher than last year and lower than the peak volumes seen in 2019. Around EUR 6.8bn has been raised in 2021 to date compared with EUR 5.8bn and EUR 8.6bn secured over the same

Leveraged Loan Insight & Analysis - 7/26/2021

Refinitiv LPC’s Quarterly Lender Survey: Are you able to adequately engage with your clients/co-workers? As more people are heading into the office, six percent of large corporate buyside and sellside lenders surveyed by Refinitiv LPC said that the quality of engagement is better now given that they can find ways to meet in person or

DL Deals: News & Analysis  - 7/26/2021

Sponsors demanding larger DDTLs to act quickly in today’s buying bonanza Sponsors are demanding larger delayed-draw facilities so they can act quickly in today’s buying bonanza. Auctions have gone from a three-month process to about half that time or shorter in some cases. It’s much easier to hit a DDTL than go back to the

The State of Private Credit in Europe  (Last of a Series)

As we conclude our European private credit series, let’s review what we’ve learned so far: – Europe suffered a similar Covid slump (and enjoyed a similar rebound) as the US. Yet Europe also retained the country-by-country distinctions they had pre-Covid. The recovery in all capital markets was swift; deal volumes are now at record highs.