Private Debt Investor

PDI Picks – 10/19/2020

Fundraising has not been stopped in its tracks Senior debt strategies lead the way as capital accumulation manages to retain some forward momentum. Private debt funds raised a total of $109.8 billion during the first nine months of 2020, the lowest figure since 2016, according to PDI data (see chart above)....

PDI Picks – 10/12/2020

What to make of direct lenders’ prospects? Direct lending has enjoyed years of tailwinds – now it must confront the headwinds. Direct lending has experienced enormous growth since the global financial crisis (see chart showing fundraising for various direct lending-relevant strategies), filling a gap that retrenching banks left behind....

PDI Picks – 10/5/2020

Do the documents offer lenders hope? Borrowers have held the balance of power for some time when it comes to deal negotiations. There are signs that their grip is being loosened, if only a little. In the wake of the covid-19 crisis, it’s hard to view the positives but you should always try....

PDI Picks – 9/28/2020

Delaying the inevitable? Many businesses may be faring better than expected but investors are worried that economic reality will catch up in the end. Listening to market sentiment at our New York Forum virtual experience 2020 last week, it was clear things could be both an awful lot better and an awful lot worse. Some

PDI Picks – 9/21/2020

NPLs: Covid-19 creates new round of buying prospects The coronavirus crisis may not be as bountiful for Europe’s NPL investors as the GFC, but will offer select opportunities. Every crisis has its winners and losers and one asset class which came out on top after the global financial crisis in 2008 was European non-performing loans

PDI Picks – 9/14/2020

Infrastructure debt’s strong foundations It’s an investment option that’s become big in Japan, but strong competition for deals casts a cloud. Infrastructure debt continues to attract interest from long-term investors. As can be seen from the chart above, fundraising reached a five-year peak in 2019 and was also strong at the beginning of this year

PDI Picks – 9/7/2020

Less for distress The coronavirus crisis may have been expected to lead to a fundraising surge for troubled companies. But investors are wary of making bad moves. Investors may be convinced of the intellectual case for changing their private credit allocations in reaction to the coronavirus crisis and its huge policy response. However, this crisis

PDI Picks – 8/10/2020

Now for something a little different? Covid came along and changed everything. It may also change investor views of unconventional strategies. With covid-19 having upset the applecart in so many different ways, managers representing strategies outside of the mainstream – often referred to as “specialty finance” – might be hoping that investors are now more

PDI Picks – 8/3/2020

Debt takes a larger slice of the pie A new survey shows private credit’s solid performance makes it an investor favourite. Private credit is expected to be the fastest-growing part of institutional investor portfolios, according to research from consultancy bfinance....

PDI Picks – 7/20/2020

The long and winding road Fund managers have found it difficult persuading investors to part with commitments during the pandemic, but demand is still strong. It’s not only economies upon which the covid-19 pandemic is having a slowing effect. As our chart above shows, it’s also the speed with which investors are making commitments to