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PDI Picks – 4/5/2021

Will a lack of fuel derail private debt in the UK? A new survey highlights the importance of private debt in the UK market. But there are concerns over the weakness of fundraising. In the UK, private debt is now playing a “vital role” in the provision of finance to the country’s SMEs according to

PDI Picks – 3/22/2021

Senior debt, the investor choice LPs appear to be happy taking their place at the top of the capital structure, but should not assume every manager’s approach is the same. “An all-weather strategy”. That’s how one of the panellists on an LP panel at Private Debt Investor’s Investor Day this week described senior debt. The

PDI Picks – 3/15/2021

The new normal is the old normal After a brief period of change, deals are starting to look very similar to how they did pre-covid. “It’s amazing how quickly the snap-back has happened,” said Richard Olson, a London-based managing director at investment bank Lincoln International, reflecting on how private debt deal terms have quickly reverted

PDI Picks – 3/8/2021

The allure of Asia Pacific Investors have set their sights on the region, perhaps noting the tightness of the documentation. Past research by Private Debt Investor has found Asia Pacific only accounting for around 5 percent of global private debt fundraising, with capital committed to the region a drop in the ocean compared with North

PDI Picks – 2/22/2021

The climate change debate heats up Private debt managers have not been at the forefront of ESG in the past but times are changing. When we canvassed the opinions of limited partners about how seriously private debt fund managers take climate change, the responses were not exactly a ringing endorsement. Just 4 percent told our

PDI Picks – 2/15/2021

Asia Pacific wakes up to private debt From having tentatively dipped their toes into private debt’s waters, investors based in Asia Pacific have been bravely wading in over the last few years. Limited partners based in Korea in particular have found private debt much to their liking, especially funds that are positioned more towards the

PDI Picks – 2/8/2021

Completing the cycle The global pandemic will give investors more visibility into how private debt performs in tough times. Private debt did not have a great time on the fundraising trail in 2020, as can be seen from our chart above. From the fundraising peak of 2017, the amount raised has declined significantly and last

PDI Picks – 2/1/2021

Views from the investor frontline Distress, recession and mature markets are all front of mind for LPs keeping the faith in private debt. Our latest study of investors in private debt unearthed the following findings: Distressed and special sits move into focus: As can be seen from the chart above, more than a third of

PDI Picks – 1/25/2021

All roads lead to North America Private debt has a bias not just to fund managers based in the region but also to those investing in the funds. What was clear from our PDI 50 ranking towards the end of last year was that North America-based fund managers dominate the private debt asset class. Out

PDI Picks – 1/18/2021

The co-investment conundrum Investors still say there are factors hindering them from participating in co-investment opportunities. Limited partner appetite for co-investment opportunities has dropped to a three-year low as credit investors hold back from doubling up with fund managers. According to Private Debt Investor’s LP Perspectives 2021 Study, fewer than one in four LPs expect