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PDI Picks – 9/20/2021

Europe is also heating up It’s not just the US seeing transaction activity hit the heights. The leveraged buyout market is helping to create a boom in Europe, too. In last week’s edition of Lead Left, we reflected in this column on the “white hot” US deals market. In Europe, it’s a similar story, with

PDI Picks – 9/13/2021

Reinforcements needed for deals frontline Private debt transactions are plentiful, but are European fund managers biting off more than they can chew? In last week’s Lead Left, we reflected on our US Report, which accompanied the September 2021 issue of Private Debt Investor, in which Paul Hastings partner William Brady told us that the market

PDI Picks – 9/6/2021

The US market is ‘white hot’ The world’s most mature private debt market is a hive of activity as it shakes off the effects of the health crisis. More than 12 months on from the pandemic-induced slump in sentiment, the US private debt market is in rude health – “white hot and hotter than it

PDI Picks – 8/16/2021

Interest grows in venture debt It’s still a relatively unknown corner of the private debt universe, but venture lending is attracting more support. Venture debt is a small but growing part of the private debt landscape looking to fund small but very high-growth companies to help them reach their next stage in development. In the

PDI Picks – 8/9/2021

The new era of the supersized loan A recent financing underlines the ever-larger amounts of capital that the biggest private debt managers are now able to deploy. When Ares Management announced a loan to RSK Group, the UK-based environmental and engineering business, earlier this week, most of the attention was focused on the sustainability angle.

PDI Picks – 7/19/2021

Markets prove their resilience Performance is on the up and deals are being done as firms show determination to fight their way through the pandemic. It sounds strange, given the harrowing events of the last 18 months, to be talking about markets surpassing all previous landmarks. But there’s no denying that bullishness is very much

PDI Picks – 7/12/2021

When going green is not all it seems Investors are not convinced that ESG-friendly loans necessarily force managers to up their game. Private debt, it could be argued, has up to now occupied the back seat when it comes to environmental, social and governance issues. The expectation in sponsored deals has been that private equity

PDI Picks – 7/5/2021

Driving forward on ESG, but acceleration needed Private debt managers have made considerable progress but, particularly in North America, there is more to be done. Today any private debt manager underplaying the importance of environmental, social and governance issues might expect short shrift from any investor they approached for capital. However, it wasn’t always that

PDI Picks – 6/28/2021

Private debt warms up in the Middle East Sovereign wealth interest is becoming apparent as one of the world’s nascent debt markets shows signs of growth. As a relatively new asset class, private debt remains heavily undeveloped outside of North America and Europe. For investors looking to diversify outside of these regions and gain emerging

PDI Picks – 6/21/2021

Germany’s direct lenders make their mark The country’s once-dominant banks have seen their share of the lending market steadily eroded by alternative finance sources. It must have been around four or five years ago. The venue was London and a delegate at Private Debt Investor’s latest Capital Structure Forum was expressing the view that Germany