Dream Jobs

News reached us last weekend of an incredible message-in-the-bottle story. Turns out a woman strolling a beach in Western Australia found a bottle that, it was later discovered, had been tossed overboard from a German merchant ship in 1886. Further research by a museum curator revealed that a Captain O. Dieckmann of the Paula had

A Decade of Leading Left

Ten years ago Churchill launched a weekly internal newsletter called “On The Left.” The world of March 2008 was a very different place. The demise of Bear Stearns would happen that month. Lehman Brothers would fall six months after that. Each day’s business headlines were scarier than the day before. Keeping our management and originators

Winter Games (Second of Two Parts)

We tend to be a late adopter of cultural phenomena, so our appreciation of curling was understandably delayed. A sport that plays like shuffleboard, tosses around terms like hack and hog line, and employs practitioners who carry brooms, is a tough sell. But thanks to relentless Olympic coverage, the US men winning a first-time ever

Winter Games (Part One)

We knew Disney World would involve some long lines. Even with Fast Passes, it’s tough to zip through everything. And with three young girls in tow (two daughters and a friend), flexibility is key. The surprise was the four-hour wait at one Disney destination that’s not on the usual tour: the Buena Vista Urgent Care