The Lincoln Senior Debt Index (Second of Three Parts)

Private debt, compared to private equity and real estate, is a relatively recent entrant to the alternative asset class. But that market has grown faster than others over the past decade. In 2007, just before the Great Recession, private debt AUM measured less than $200 billion. Today the universe of illiquid credit is $900 billion

The Lincoln Senior Debt Index (First of Three Parts)

Back in January we featured content from Lincoln International’s Valuations and Opinion team [link]. Topics included Covid’s impact on private credit terms, structures and pricing. Shortly thereafter the team reached out to road test a loan index created from Lincoln’s quarterly valuations of 2,400 private companies. Metrics included total return, price, spread, and yield to

CLOs Revisited – Ratings, Risks, and Returns (Fourth of a Series)

Competition in leveraged loans, keen as it is, pales in comparison to the 2021 Mrs. Sri Lanka pageant. Reigning Mrs. World champion, Caroline Jurie yanked the tiara off newly-crowned winner Pushpika DeSilva, charging Mrs. DeSilva was not married. Mrs. DeSilva fled the stage in tears. Order was eventually restored. Mrs. DeSilva reclaimed her crown, and

CLOs Revisited – Ratings, Risks, and Returns (First of a Series)

“Anytime loan market technicals shift, there’s always a view that CLOs are the end of Western civilization as we know it.” So a top CLO manager related his experience over several decades. Regardless of actual historical performance, collateralized loan obligations are periodically hauled out by the media, excoriated for reckless behavior, and dismissed as just another

Reflation Nation (Second of Two Parts)

An astute Lead Left reader sent us the following note regarding last week’s commentary: “Besides the beneficial economic impact of pent-up consumerism, the Biden stimulus package, and vaccine distributions, you should also mention the healthy state of household savings,” he wrote. “February’s data [just released] showed family net worth’s hit a record high of $130.2

Reflation Nation (First of Two Parts)

In February 1983 your correspondent bought his first house with a 13% 30-year fixed rate mortgage. Why fixed? Because the year before, the 30-year had soared to almost 18%. Higher interest rates were a fact of life. We stubbornly stuck to the fixed rate option in succeeding refis over the next two decades. Since the

2021: The Great Reception (Last of a Series)

We wrap our special series with an outlook for private credit. The value proposition of the asset class was fully supported through last year’s extreme volatility as experienced managers and their portfolios emerged mostly unscathed. But as market conditions develop this year, how will private credit terms be impacted? BSL technicals, such as fund flows,