Apart at Last

Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrates the marvels and mysteries of love. As a study of the latter, a travel site ran an article last week about a couple separating after almost a century together.

Born in 1897, Bibi and Poldi had been in a committed relationship since the 1920’s. However, for reasons that have escaped their Austrian zookeepers, these Galápagos tortoises called it quits in 2011. Numerous attempts to reconcile them failed, and they’ve finally been moved into separate houses.

Their minders have not lost hope. A glass window gives them a view of each other. But when Bibi sees Poldi, “she hisses like a snake.” Said the zoo’s director, “We get the feeling they can’t stand the sight of each other anymore.”

Romance of another sort took hold of capital markets last week. With December’s volatility a distant memory, loan investors jumped into relationships with borrowers, both new and old. LPC reports decent volume through mid-February, though both the large leveraged and middle market were behind last year’s pace.