Back to School

For many of us the post-Labor Day week means reacclimating to the concept of being in front of a computer in an office. And not in your bathing suit.

For those in the leveraged loan market, it means wondering whether deal activity will see its usual September resurgence, and what that will mean for terms and pricing.

As our Chart of the Week shows, overall leveraged loan volume for the first eight-plus months of the year has already matched that of the same period in 2013. That was the busiest three quarters over the past four years, according to Thomson Reuters LPC.

The chart also details how that activity was comprised. As was true in 2013, more than 80% of this year’s volume represented either refinancings or repricings. That’s unsurprising, as sponsors have taken advantage of issuer-friendly conditions throughout the year to lower cost of capital and extend maturities where possible.