Fall Risk

It was probably mission impossible, but we gamely tried this week to complete a personal Top Ten list. This one is called “Top Ten Best Things About Rupturing Your Quadriceps Tendon in Church on Father’s Day.”

#10 came quickly. “The minister was right there to deliver last rites.” #9 was relatively easy: “A brand-new walker makes the perfect Father’s Day gift!” But it’s stalled there.

There was also sufficient skepticism surrounding the incident to affect the most innocent observer. Our three-year old daughter watched us haltingly maneuver the walker around the house. “Daddy,” she finally asked, “does that thing have a ‘Faster’ button?”

While we pondered our own hobbled existence for the next six months, we noted a similar uncertain future for the leveraged loan market.

To be sure liquidity is plentiful. According to S&P LCD US loan volume soared to $558 billion – a record for any first or second half of a year. That also represented almost $300 billion of new issuance – more than double the same period last year.