Lead Left Interview – Andrew Welch

This week we chat with Andrew Welch, managing director, Revelstoke Capital Partners. Revelstoke is a middle market private equity firm headquartered in Denver that focuses on building industry-leading companies in the healthcare and related business services sectors. The firm has about $1.0 billion of assets under management and, since the firm’s inception in mid-2013, has completed 40 acquisitions.

The Lead Left: Andrew, it’s great to catch up with you this afternoon. Tell us a bit about your firm. 

Andrew Welch: Thanks for having me, Randy. Revelstoke is a growth-oriented private equity firm. We focus primarily on healthcare and healthcare-related business services and target companies with $5 million to $40 million of EBITDA for platform investments.

Partnership with entrepreneurs and management teams is central to our strategy. We seek companies with strong existing leadership and believe in operating autonomy for management. We align their interests with ours through significant equity incentive plans.

We have a track record of building bigger and better businesses and have a repeatable playbook to accelerate growth and create value through strategic development, on-going planning, organic growth initiatives and add-on acquisitions.