Lead Left Interview – Dr. Tim Kelly

This week we chat with Tim Kelly, a 30+ year veteran of private equity and capital markets. Since retiring as a senior investment Partner with Adams Street Partners, Tim has completed his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology. His focus is what investors, LPs, GPs, and capital market participants can learn by applying new perspectives on people, culture, decision-making, and performance.

The Lead Left:  Tim, or I guess it’s Dr. Tim now, the last time we spoke to you it was July, 2011 and you still at Adams Street. What made you pursue a doctorate at this stage in your life and career?

Tim Kelly:  Three things. I learned that Alan Greenspan earned his Ph.D. when he was nearly 50. That inspired me as I thought a PhD was something you could only do young! Plus, I don’t play golf so I had to do something productive during my garden leave. This endeavor seemed productive.