Lead Left Interview – George Majoros, Jr.

This week we chat with George Majoros, Jr., Co-Managing Partner, EagleTree Capital (formerly Wasserstein Partners). Mr. Majoros joined the original predecessor firm Wasserstein Perella in 1993. He currently serves as Chairman of the Boards of Directors for Paris Presents and Jamberry Nails and is a member of EagleTree’s Investment Committee.

Since 2001, the team has focused on mid-market buyouts. Currently, the EagleTree Capital team is investing its fourth private equity fund, EagleTree Partners IV, with $790 million of committed capital.

The Lead Left: George, your firm has recently undergone a restructure. Tell us about that.

George Majoros: We completed a friendly, legal separation of our firm from the Wasserstein family. We wanted to carve out our own independent identity, though we remain very close to the Wasserstein family. After Bruce’s death in 2009, and for a period thereafter, we knew it didn’t make sense to have that connection. It’s been about a year and a half since the separation. They remain one of our larger LP’s, but not a GP. That’s a good outcome for both sides, and we remain quite close.

TLL: What about the name change?

GM: We wanted to preserve our heritage, yet craft our own identity. The partners have been together for over twenty years. I’ve been at the firm for twenty-four years. The longevity of our senior team is pretty rare in the middle market. There’s lots of history with Wasserstein Perella, beginning in the early 1990’s. Our new logo looks shockingly similar to the Wasserstein tree! EagleTree was also an appropriate name, with the eagle representing acuity, vision, and tenacity. We think it reflects our brand nicely.