Lead Left Interview – Ian MacTaggart and Joan McCabe

This week we speak with Ian MacTaggart, President & COO, and Joan McCabe, Managing Director, Brynwood Partners. Founded in 1984, Brynwood Partners is a controlled oriented, operationally-focused lower middle market private equity firm that is consumer sector focused and has established a strong niche in the corporate carve out sector. Brynwood is currently investing Brynwood VII, a $420 million fund that closed in September 2013.

The Lead Left: Ian and Joan, you’ve been in the news recently with some interesting transactions. But for those of our readers who aren’t familiar with your firm, perhaps a bit of background is in order.

Ian MacTaggart: Thanks for speaking with us. Brynwood was founded thirty years ago by Henk Hartong, Jr. and Dick Niner. Henk and Dick were Harvard Business School friends, who pooled their collective talents – Henk Jr. had experience as an operator and Dick had a financial background, which was a unique combination a t the time but a strategy that we still employ to this day.

TLL: How big was the first fund?

Joan McCabe: $14 million, which everyone said at the time, was a big fund!

TLL: Brynwood has a reputation as being hands-on operators.