Lead Left Interview – Ilan Nissan

This week we chat with Ilan Nissan. Mr. Nissan is a senior partner in Goodwin’s internationally recognized private equity and mergers and acquisitions business. His clients include global alternative asset managers including top tier private equity funds, venture funds, venture capital funds, bank holding companies, hedge funds and family offices. In addition to his work with clients, Mr. Nissan sits on the firm’s Executive Committee and leads the practice in New York.

The Lead Left: Ilan, thanks for joining us. Tell us about Goodwin’s practice, and what you focus on.

Ilan Nissan: We are strongly focused on the middle market business. Our sweet spot are deals with values of less than $1billion. We believe most transactions that happen are in the middle market. Plus there are a lot of law firms chasing large transactions. As a result, many have abandoned the middle market in search of “upstream deals”. In the middle market we don’t see any other firm that consistently dominates.

TLL: How broad is your practice?

IN: Our business includes venture capital, mezzanine financings, late stage growth investments and, of course, leveraged buyouts. Our clients are the typical middle market players, including folks who were once part of larger organizations that leave to start middle sized funds. We believe the middle market requires unique knowledge and skills that we have worked hard to develop.