Lead Left Interview – Kathryn Dick

This week we chat with Kathryn Dick, Managing Director, Promontory Financial Group. Kathy advises clients on regulatory issues, risk management, and capital market activities. Prior to Promontory, Kathy had a 26-year tenure at the Office of the Controller of the Currency. 

The Lead Left: Kathy, you’ve had an extensive career in bank regulations. How did you get started?

Kathryn Dick: Well, I graduated from college in the early 1980’s with a degree in developmental psychology. But I was twenty-two and needed a job! Spending four years getting a PhD and then facing an uncertain employment outlook didn’t appeal to me. I did have an aptitude for finance, so I jumped into an MBA program and planned for a career in banking.  Unfortunately, it was 1983 when I graduated and the recession – the LatAm and Texas crises – was hitting the banks hard.