Lead Left Interview – Kevin Griffin

This week we chat with Kevin Griffin, CEO and Chief Investment Officer of MGG Investment Group LP. MGG is a private, specialty finance group focused on direct lending. Kevin is a veteran private lending investor and former managing director and Credit Committee member at Highbridge Principal Strategies. 

The Lead Left: Kevin, first of all, congratulations on your new firm. Give us a sense of what you’re seeing on a macro level at the capital markets today?

Kevin Griffin: Since Mr. Trump was elected, my bias on 2017 has been amended slightly. There’s certainly been a euphoric bounce to the markets. That’s pushed us out probably a year from the abyss. That means we could see lift on some sectors such as the financial sector and potentially real estate.

TLL: Will we see any improvement in this 2% GDP rut we seem to be stuck in?

KG: I expect we’ll muddle along in that range. In the near term growth will be ok. In the long-term, there could be downside to growth. This recovery is getting pretty long in the tooth.