Lead Left Interview – Mark Habner

This week we chat with Mark Habner, Co-Founder and CEO of the BeckWay Group. Beckway provides operating capabilities to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. In his current role Mark leads BeckWay Group’s three divisions, TalentFinders, Trailblazers and Tracking Technologies.  

The Lead Left: Mark, it’s been a while since you’ve appeared in our pages. It’s great to catch up. Tell us about your new venture at the BeckWay Group.   

Mark Habner: Thanks Randy. Great to be back with you. We started BeckWay in late 2016, focusing on the same kind of initiatives I’ve been doing most of my career – helping private equity firms with their operating performance. With BeckWay we have three distinct platforms. Our operating partners comprise Trail Blazers. We supplement that with our talent acquisition platform, Talent Finders. And Tracking Technologies uses our proprietary software, VectorMarks, to measure detailed company performance.

TLL: Are you exclusively focused on the private equity sector?

MH: Yes. Several trends support our work. Sponsors are cutting back on the operating team members or pushing those partners to be 1099’s. That makes BeckWay a very compelling alternative. Being part of a bigger team here, you see more opportunities. When engagements dip with one PE client we can move them to work with another one. We’re not a consulting practice. We get project management synergies.