Lead Left Interview – Patrick Dalton

This week we speak with Patrick Dalton, CEO, Gordon Brothers Finance Company (GBFC). GBCF is a commercial finance company focused on middle market lending. They originate and underwrite secured loans for both asset-rich and cash flow generating businesses across a wide spectrum of industries.

The Lead Left: Patrick you joined GB Credit Partners recently, but there’s been news out of your shop since then. Catch us up.

Patrick Dalton: When I joined Gordon Brothers I knew there was a niche for firms specializing in asset valuation research. Hilco, Great American, and Tiger Management – there are a handful of credit competitors. We had insights into what you’re lending against. The idea was to extend that capability to lend to those companies who don’t have great access to capital.

TLL: Gordon Bros. itself has a pretty long history.

PD: 110 years of buying and selling businesses globally. But we didn’t