Lead Left Interview – Phil Seefried (Part 2)

This week we continue our conversation with Phil Seefried, founder and CEO of Headwaters MB, which recently announced a strategic transaction with Capstone Partners in which Capstone was the acquirer.  The new firm is called Capstone Headwaters. Both Headwaters and Capstone were founded in 2002.  Capstone Headwaters provides investment banking services to entrepreneurs, owner/operators and business-owning families in the middle market. Now with dual headquarters in Boston, MA and Denver, CO, the firm is comprised of over 150 investment bankers and has 16 US offices, 2 international offices, and partnerships with 18 firms covering 30 countries.  Second of two parts – View part one.

TLL: Could you give us an example of obvious growth areas in the economy for you?

PS: We are seeing increased flow across the board in natural resources, industrial technology, healthcare and other areas.  In the consumer space, healthy living and organic products are two excellent sub-sectors for us with obvious growth. Capstone has complementary strengths in other consumer niches such as juvenile products. By putting the two teams together we’re adding real depth to our sector efforts.

TLL: How about examples of transactions that illustrate your core strengths?

PS: Our business is mostly about selling unknown companies to bigger, well-known companies and sponsors.  Our core strength is making a tangible difference for our clients, whether it be on price or on other critical issues to the stakeholders.  We run very effective processes, protecting information along the way while getting each client the attention they deserve from the global buyer community.  Middle market business owners have their life in their business; we take that very seriously.