Lead Left Interview – Randy Schwimmer

For those readers who missed it, this week we reprint in part an interview with Buyouts’ editor, David Toll that appeared in PE HUB on May 6th. You can read the complete conversation by clicking on the link at the bottom of this section.

After a two-year hiatus, Randy Schwimmer is back with his weekly e-newsletter covering the middle-market leveraged lending scene. The Lead Left, which debuted last week, is the successor to On the Left, the popular e-newsletter that Schwimmer wrote while he was a senior managing director and head of capital markets at Churchill Financial (acquired by Carlyle Group in 2011). Below sister magazine Buyouts catches up with Schwimmer with five quick questions, to which Schwimmer responded by email.

David Toll: Randy, congratulations on the launch of The Lead Left. Tell us about the history of the publication.

Randy Schwimmer: Actually I’ve been publishing some version of this newsletter since 1993, though earlier iterations were for internal use only. At JPMorgan Chase, as head of middle-market syndications,