Lead Left Interview – Robert Gefaell

This week we chat with Robert Gefaell, co-founder and partner, Plexus Capital. Plexus focuses on subordinated debt investments in middle market companies, with a total of $550 million under management across three funds.

The Lead Left: Robert, you and your partners got started together at the old Centura Bank, correct?

Robert Gefaell: That’s right, Randy. We all worked for Centura Bank from the mid ‘90s through 2002. In 1995, Bob Anders – at the request of then bank President Kel Landis – was successful in establishing Centura’s first licensed SBIC named Centura Capital. Ultimately Bob hired me, Michael Painter, and Mike Becker. That’s how it all started.

TLL: And when did you all found Plexus Capital.

RG: Well, in 2001 RBC acquired Centura Bank and named Kel the first CEO of RBC in the U.S. Unfortunately in 2002 it was determined by RBC to harvest Centura Capital’s portfolio which we successfully did yielding a net return to the bank of 14% over the 9 year period. Ultimately Michael, Mike,