Lead Left Interview – Scott Kupor (Part 2)

This week we continue our conversation with Scott Kupor, managing partner and COO, Andreessen Horowitz. Andreessen Horowitz is a $4 billion venture capital firm, founded in 2009 by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California.

Second of two parts – View part one

The Lead Left: As a top unicorn investor, are you as nimble with smaller start-ups that may need?

Scott Kupor: As a venture capital investor, the vast majority – about 75% – of our investments is in very early stage startups – are well before they ever become “unicorns.” To help these early-stage companies accelerate their growth on a path toward hopefully becoming unicorns, we’ve built a unique operating model in the venture industry. We employ more than 100 professionals in the firm, 2/3 of whom are engaged full-time to help our companies post-investment achieve their growth initiatives.