Lead Left Interview – Ted Bililies (Part 2)

This week we continue our conversation with Ted Bililies, Managing Director and Chief Talent Officer for AlixPartners. Ted is a Harvard-trained clinical psychologist with decades of experience in leadership and organization development. Though known originally as a restructuring firm, AlixPartners has grown over the last 35 years into a global consulting firm that specializes in whole company transformation. Second of two parts – View part one.

The Lead Left: Ted, tell us a bit about your personal background. How you got to AlixPartners.

Ted Bililies: At Harvard,  I was fascinated by high-performance individuals such as athletes and musicians. How they do what they do? Why? In the case of business leaders, how do they persuade and influence others? How do they perpetuate their ideas and values? How do they lead?

In the private equity sector, I saw the very clear correlation between the investment thesis and outcomes. I realized I could have a dramatic impact by focusing on the human element. We have a whole suite of tools to help, and we have a 20 year track record of aligning leaders to get the best outcomes.