Lead Left Interview – Ted Goldthorpe

This week we chat with Ted Goldthorpe, head of credit for BC Partners. Ted launched the BC Partners Credit business in 2017 and oversees a team of experienced credit professionals. As a managing partner of the firm, Ted is also a member of the Investment committee of the private equity business. Previously Ted was president at Apollo Investment Corporation and the chief investment officer of Apollo Investment Management. He was also a member of the senior management committee.

Since inception in 1986, BC Partners has completed 97 acquisitions with a total enterprise value of €120 billion. BC is one of the few truly pan-European buy-out investors, and has evolved into a leader in buy-outs, through its established network of offices in London, Paris, Hamburg and New York.

The Lead Left: Ted, thanks for taking time with us. What kind of investment strategy are you focusing on?

Ted Goldthorpe: We will pursue an opportunistic debt strategy. At BC Partners, like we had at Apollo, there’s a significant advantage being part of a major private equity shop. It’s the power of a business that has no walls between the private equity and credit side of the house. Half of our deal flow comes from BC. And it’s not just the money. With issues like due diligence, they help us leverage our resources. They are really value-added partners, particularly from an industry perspective.

TLL: Can you help BC finance deals in their portfolio?

TG: We can help BC arrange financing for their portfolio investments through our network of relationships. For example, we’re currently helping them get a Euro deal done. Right now we think the opportunity set is better in the US. It’s a much deeper and bigger market, so that’s where we will focus most of our attention. But we will explore opportunities in Europe and Asia.