Lead Left Interview – Tim Hopper

This week we chat with Tim Hopper, founder of Macro Fund Advisors. Previously Tim was managing director and chief economist for TIAA. Tim has over 20 years of experience writing and speaking about the global economy. Prior to joining TIAA, Mr. Hopper held various leadership positions in global banking and real estate. He also served as a senior economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas for over 10 years.

The Lead Left: Tim, unbelievably it’s been exactly two years since our last Lead Left interview [link]. Congratulations on your new firm, by the way. Let’s start out by asking what’s your biggest surprise so far this year in terms of the economy?

Tim Hopper: The resiliency of the economy since the great recession has been nothing short of spectacular, given everything that has transpired since 2008. Despite all the populist movements here and abroad, political uncertainty and regulatory change, it’s remarkable how we’ve been able to march forward on a stable economic footing.

TLL: Why has that happened?

TH: In spite of ever-stricter regulation, and an ever more uncertain political environment, the economy is awakening. The credit problems that we had are behind us, the economy is waking up. It’s healing. And, the cycle is not over. In fact, it’s strengthening!

TLL: Are we still in the 7th inning?