Lead Left Interview – William G. Winterer

This week we chat with William G. Winterer, partner, Parthenon Capital Partners. Bill is head of capital markets and a member of Parthenon’s investment committee. Parthenon is a private equity investment firm that has managed funds with over $3.5 billion in total capital commitment with offices in Boston and San Francisco and approximately 20 investment professionals.

The Lead Left: Bill, first of all, congratulations on your final close of Fund V.

Bill Winterer: Thanks, Randy. We hit our $1 billion cap. It went very well. That gives us lots of dollars to invest. So now we’re going to quickly go from a pat on the back to finding and investing those funds in good deals.

TLL: So give us your view of the deal landscape right now. What do you see out there?

BW: It continues to be an unusual environment. The economy seems to be ok, bumping along at two percent growth, plus or minus. Not huge excesses anywhere. We haven’t done any energy, so we’re oblivious to that.