Lead Left Interview – Bill Siegel

This week we speak with Bill Siegel, interim CEO, Second Market. His firm provides transaction process services for private companies and funds.

The Lead Left: Bill, for those of our readers who aren’t familiar with you and your firm, tell us the story.

Bill Siegel:Randy. I spent the first half of my career on the buy-side – four years at MD Sass, and two years at SAC Capital. Then the credit crisis hit. That turned me into an entrepreneur!

TLL: I know the feeling.

BS: My first business was Receivables  Exchange. That’s a company that offers SME sellers of trade receivables direct access to a broad network of institutional buyers.  It’s still going strong, by the way. Then in 2011 I joined Second Market. Our core competency is effecting complex  private securities transactions on behalf of large private companies that conduct secondaries, and private funds that do broad based capital raises.