Lead Left Presents: M&A Outlook for 2022 (First of a Series)

We will be starting the new year with a bang, kicking off next week our first “Lead Left Presents” webinar. This debut session will feature top middle market investment bankers discussing what happened in the deal market in 2021 and what’s to come for 2022.

So much attention has been paid to record financings and capital markets volume, yet relatively little on what’s behind that activity. What was motivating buyers and sellers? How did Covid impact processes and outcomes? How did the hyper-liquidity affect the competitive landscape?

We also note 2020 and 2021 had different profiles as investor confidence grew regarding sector behavior. Early in the pandemic you couldn’t give away cyclicals, retail, hospitality and travel and leisure. Almost two years later, everything is selling, and at high multiples.

How have different industries fared, and how do bankers think about valuations today? What’s the latest view of Covid adjustments to Ebitda? Are supply-chain issues putting a dent in growth and price expectations?