Smooth Sailing

“How do you come up with all the ideas for your columns?” That’s a question we frequently hear from readers. Our answer is that we don’t have to come up with them. They present themselves all week, every week. We just watch and listen.

Take this week. End of July often involves water-related activities. For us it was a cruise with a friend around Greenwich Harbor in his Grady-White Freedom 275.

Seeing docked super yachts, we wondered: Which hedge fund chief owns that one? Scanning names as we chugged by – Utopia, America II – one caught our eye. We did a double-take. But there she was – all 22 unadjusted meters of her – the name proudly emblazoned on the port side: “EBITDA.”

Of all the waterfront locales in the U.S., Greenwich probably has more boaters who could appreciate the irony of that moniker.