credit crisis

Ten Years On – A Reflection

“With Lehman filing for bankruptcy, Merrill falling into the arms of B of A, and AIG scrambling to announce a restructuring plan, investors had their hands full to start this week. The Dow dropped 500 points as the Fed refused any Bear-type rescues. Now it may be morale hazard.” – On The Left, September 15, 2008….

Are We Back to 2007? (Third of a series)

“What’s the definition of an overheated market? One loan and two lenders.” That’s the supply/demand conundrum in the leveraged loan market today. While institutional and retail cash have certainly re-entered the asset class with vigor since the credit crisis, overall levels are not more than those enjoyed during 2007. Indeed, the short-term outlook might see…

Are We Back to 2007? (First of a series)

What is the scariest sentence in the English language? If you’re a parent dropping off your four-year old at summer camp (as we did last Friday), a good candidate is, “Daddy, today we’re learning archery!” For bankers monitoring leveraged markets these days, it seems like the equivalent phrase of fear is, “We are back to…