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The New Healthcare (Fourth of a Series)

We continue our special series on COVID-19 impacted healthcare, with a private equity conversation. Our guest is the partner of a NY-based firm. He has over two decades of experience investing in healthcare businesses. How did the current crisis unfold for you and your firm? “For the first couple of weeks it was a 100%

The New Healthcare (Third of a Series)

Two years ago, we issued a special report on healthcare trends, speaking with bankers, lenders, and private equity investors [link]. Last week we revisited one of our sources, a top healthcare investor, on the current state of affairs in the industry. “Everyone’s an infectious disease expert now,” he told us in an interview. “We also

The New Healthcare (Second of a Series)

We continue our special series on how the coronavirus is affecting the healthcare industry. At the heart of this pandemic is the doctor/patient relationship. Much has been written about heroic efforts by first-responders in the early days of the crisis. Information gleaned on the front-line by those experiences has contributed greatly to a better understanding

The New Healthcare (First of a Series)

Healthcare has been ground zero for COVID-19 since the virus took hold in early March. How the industry has reacted, and how lenders and equity investors are dealing with this new world order, is the subject of this special series. To get started, we spoke to a friend who runs the healthcare capital markets desk