Private Equity

The Tyranny of Dry Powder

A recent note from our good friend at Bloomberg, Kelsey Butler, pointed to a study in Astrobiology highlighting 24 planets that could sustain life. Criteria for “superhabitability” include home stars younger than the Sun, Earth-like masses, and atmospheres with warmth and moisture greater than Earth. All these planets are over 100 light years away –

Private Equity is Done…Well, Not Quite (Last of a Series)

This week we wrap up our three-part response to the contention, as argued in an articulate WSJ op-ed by Andy Kessler that the glory days of private equity are over. One interesting contention made by Mr. Kessler is that PE is “holding back the economy.” He uses examples of buying drugstores and car-rental companies, leveraging

Private Equity is Done…Well, Not Quite (Part One)

It was apparently too much for Jerry. With things over-frothy in the buyout market, mega deals proliferating and purchase price multiple escalating, the co-founder of the largest buyout shop in the world announced he was leaving to start his own smaller practice. In moving on, Jerry said in an interview he would look for more