Lead Left Interview – Mark Habner (Part 2)

This week we continue our conversation with Mark Habner, Co-Founder and CEO of the BeckWay Group. Beckway provides operating capabilities to private equity firms and their portfolio companies. In his current role Mark leads BeckWay Group’s three divisions, TalentFinders, Trailblazers and Tracking Technologies. Second of two parts – View part one.

The Lead Ledt: Could you give us a case study of your work?

Mark Habner: One of our Operating Partners was the PMO for a merger. The management team had completed one acquisition but not integrated, and then had two more lined up. They needed someone to work alongside them and both execute the merger & integration, but also develop the playbook for the following acquisitions. That allowed them to do more deals, more quickly. We work closely with the sponsor, keeping them updated along the way.

TLL: Based on your experience, what are the top three mistakes sponsors make on the operating front?

MH: Underinvesting in changing management with acquisitions. Then failing to properly on-board their personnel. We see situations where the sponsor makes five acquisitions and keeps five different systems and reports! You need to develop a playbook.