Leveragin’ Loans

So much that was disturbing about the news last week. Social media was abuzz with opinions flying on both sides. Twitter was filled with long-submerged memories of crazy times hanging out at…everyone’s favorite orange-and-red java shops.

We’re referring, of course, to the decision by Dunkin’ Donuts to drop “Donuts” from the brand name. In today’s world of streamlined consumer marketing, the move was not wholly unexpected. In the same way that “Starbucks” jettisoned “Coffee” back in 2011, the donut king looks to enhance its image as selling more than…well, donuts.

Somewhat more curious was Weight Watchers announcing its shrinkage to a skinnier “WW.” Board member Oprah Winfrey (who knows a thing or two about last name dropping) said: “The role WW can play…goes far beyond a number on the scale.”

Coincidentally, WW was also featured in this month’s issue of Creditflux. Our fellow columnist, Tom Majewski at Eagle Point Credit, noted that Weight Watchers, as a leveraged borrower and public company (WTW), may have avoided a payment default because of its absence of a maintenance covenant. How did that work?