And You Thought Cov-Lite Was a Problem

Two years ago we featured on these pages Oumuamua, a comet masquerading as an alien space ship [link]. Last we heard it was heading out of the solar system. Now the Crimean Astrophysics Observatory has detected another interstellar visitor – Borisov, named after its discoverer. About six miles in diameter, this comet has a hyperbolic

Search and Recovery (Third of a series)

Continuing with our special series on leveraged loan recoveries, let’s turn to one of the most pondered questions on the subject; namely, how will covenant-lite loans fare in the next downturn? At a recent loan market conference, senior S&P analyst Ruth Yang reviewed the lite environment. She reminded attendees that broadly syndicated leveraged loans without

Leveragin’ Loans

So much that was disturbing about the news last week. Social media was abuzz with opinions flying on both sides. Twitter was filled with long-submerged memories of crazy times hanging out at…everyone’s favorite orange-and-red java shops. We’re referring, of course, to the decision by Dunkin’ Donuts to drop “Donuts” from the brand name. In today’s

Spot-lite on Cov-lite (Final of a Series)

Blame it on the Vikings. When those ancient Scandinavians settled Iceland around 870 AD, they cut down most of the trees for firewood and to clear land for planting and livestock. A thousand years later that country of volcanos and glaciers is struggling to reforest. Despite planting three million trees across a land mass the

Spot-lite on Cov-lite (Third of a Series)

The notion that covenant-lite loans are bestowed on only the best and brightest borrowers has been pretty banged up. Cov-lite and other leveraged lending terms are now hostages in the front-line battle middle market arrangers are waging for business. Competition is no longer just among the midcap lender themselves. For companies in and around the

Spot-lite on Cov-lite (Second of a Series)

News reached us last week that the great mathematician, Monty Hall, passed away at the age of 96. Better known as the host of the 1960’s TV hit, “Let’s Make a Deal,” Mr. Hall lent his name to game theory for the so-called 3-Door Monty Hall Problem. Behind three doors there’s a brand new car,

Spot-lite on Cov-lite (First of a Series)

Our story last week of the hundred-year old fruitcake captured readers’ attention. Tributes to this underappreciated treat poured into the Lead Left mailbox. “It’s believed there’s only one fruitcake in existence,” one friend wrote. “It gets passed around during the holidays from family to family. Now we all know where it came from.” There’s also