Reorg Credit Intelligence – 5/17/2021

N. G. Purvis Farms Seeks to Transition Pork Production to
Farrow-to-Wean Model Amid ‘Unsustainable’ Feed Cost Increases


N. G. Purvis Farms, Inc., a Robbins, N.C.-based large-scale pork production business with farms in North Carolina and Georgia, filed for chapter 11 protection on Thursday, April 8, in the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, pinning the bankruptcy filing primarily on unsustainably high feed costs. The company is seeking to transition from its current farrow-to-finish business model to a farrow-to-wean model through which it will grow weaner pigs for sale to Murphy-Brown LLC pursuant to a supply and purchase agreement. As part of these transition initiatives, the company is looking to liquidate assets associated with its finishing operations. For access to our First Day by Reorg team’s full case summary of the N. G. Purvis Farms chapter 11 filing click here:

Contact: Matt Danese