Why ESG Matters (Fifth of a Series)

Now we come to the G in ESG. Governance’s link to environmental and social goals was cemented by the sub-prime debacle and resulting GFC. Corporate malfeasance and lack of transparency propelled the need to identify future responsible ESG parties and enforcement.

The challenge, as one expert told us, is while governing considerations are most in focus and more universal for investment teams, they don’t always grab the attention or headlines global warming or diversity do. But without accountability and benchmarks for material risks and opportunities, there would no way to track success or hold companies responsible.

Here’s how a partner in a venture fund dedicated to ESG investments put it: ”Governance is the foundational element of the ESG triumvirate, though seemingly the least sexy of the three. Good corporate governance generally comes down to the need to be accountable and transparent, both at a board and executive level.”