Why ESG Matters (First of a Series)

Last weekend, we took our eight-year-old daughter to the library to get books on her school reading list. (The “Ready, Freddy!” series, if you must know).

On the way out, a mother and her two young sons preceded us. The boys ran into the automatic revolving door. “No,” she said, opening the swinging door. “Come this way.” Our energy-efficient conscience scolded her. Until she added, “That door uses electricity!”

Welcome to the challenges of an ESG world: Which exit is the better green option: one using electricity or one losing heat or air-conditioning?

The Russia/Ukraine war which, beyond humanitarian and geopolitical aspects, gives rise to serious environmental, social and governance conflicts. Europe’s reliance on Russian energy, for example, could be lessened by US natural gas imports, yet that would mean more drilling.